June 2019


We have the sixth year since starting practice. We appreciate all of you so much. We are very glad to spend time with each of you. We have had more time with more people from oversea who visited us, and will keep working hard to give you the best service as well as.

More people have visited here and have even surgery this year. Such as some patients had appointment by phone from New York, and Taiwan and had surgery here. On the other hand, one patient had worse condition of the hemorrhoids while  traveling in Japan. He decided to have  less invasive surgery: injection therapy. After that he could enjoy driving in Hokkaido and went back to his country. Amazingly he came back to our office here for following up visit in couple month and drove in Hokkaido again.

About 20 percent of all patients here are coming from oversea. One of the last month, 56 percent of all patients who had our medical service came from oversea. Those international visitors for medical problem were from USA, UK, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippine, Russia, Germany, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Norway,Finland, Myanmar, Paraguay, Iran, UAE, Ghana, Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Brazil, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Cuba, Spain,Columbia,  Bhutan , Italy , France, Tunisia,  Kazakhstan, and Peru. About 20 percent of all surgical cases in our clinic come from oversea too.


Our international team strives our hardest to provide you with the best care as much as possible and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you!

Yukihiro Sato M.D.
Medical Director of Shiba International Anus Clinic

When you visit us here, please click here below⬇, print it, fill it out, and come with it, otherwise just come with your insurance card.

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license usa

Board Certified Coloproctologist  in Japan 2018

Board Certified Surgeon in Japan

The US Medical Licensing Examination Certified M.D. 
The Japanese Society for Helicobacter Research Fellow



20 percent of visitors here for medical services are foreign people. Sometimes more than 50 percent 

20% of all patients who had surgery of fistula  in 2017 were foreigners.

 first visit and anal examination without insurance card:¥12,000~25,000

Our patient surgery-minor surgery ¥40000-¥50000 without insurance card. Major surgery like hemorrhoids or fistula costs ¥200,000~¥400,000

All cases are out patient basis.

Thank you!


About 20 or more than 20 percent of major anal surgical cases here are foreign patients. Some of these commming from oversea visited here in order to have surgery  in the other day. Most of these already have lived here. These  come from England, Korea, Miyanmar, Philippine, Taiwan, Singapore, Poland,  Romania, Bhutan, Rosia, and USA.

The last patient who had surgery here would come from England.


We provide a novel treatment ⭐injection therapy for hemorrhoids that is not as invasive as conventional ligation and excision and has a safe track record with over 600,000 patients who have already undergone this treatment in Japan alone since these are covered by health insurance (Minister of health in Japan) in 2005.

We inject special medicine called ⭕ALTA(Aluminum Potassium Sulfate and Tannic Acid), which was started in China and then further refined in Japan), into the hemorrhoids. This medication makes non bacterial inflammation and swelling, and further, blocks the blood stream supplying the hemorrhoids, which will cause them to shrink drastically. This method works much more than with Phenol Almond Oil.

 However, it applied to only internal hemorrhoids, not to external hemorrhoids. Then you have to have anal examination before surgery if ALTA is applied.  If ALTA is not applied, ligation and excision would be considered.

There is minimal pain associated with the procedure and is done as an outpatient basis.

✳We provide surgery of anal fistula. It needs more professional skill to make clear it.  About half of anal surgical cases here since  2017 were anal fistula. That rate of it is more than double cases in other general surgery base facility. I usually do with the way to preserve anal sphincter muscle as much as possible. So I consider anal function and curability as well as.

🔵As other anal surgry, we do surgery of anal fissures and anal stenosis. Most of anal fissures can be healed by improving toilet habit and medical ointment, but some of cases may come with anal stenosis. In that cases, it may necessary to have surgery, because more painful and longer pain would come with you. And also it may develop to fistula if you leave it for long time. In such a case, mostly surgery is only treatment.

 Somehow many patients with chronic fissures don’t know that you have anal fissures. Mostly they think because of hemorrhoids. In other cases, some with bloody stool went to gastroenterology and had colonoscopy which was right way and told that your large colon was fine. It remained where the bleed or pain come from.

B: Gastroenterology

We also offer Just ✨5.4mm diameter transnasal Gastroduodenal Fiber Scope and Colonoscopy by utilizing the latest Olympus series, “Elite,” which came out in 2012.  We also provide endoscopic surgery like polyps resection or EMR. We use CO2 instead of room air in order to inflate colon to observe well. It is less stress than using room air. In most of cases, we perform those under ★sedative condition.

                             ✴Survey of colonoscopy

⭐80 percent of 123 patients who had colonoscopy in early 2018 said “mild pain or never mind level pain”.

20 percent of those said ⭐”comfortable”. 0,8 % of these said pain.

Transnasal Gastroduodenal fiber Scope is not as invasive as transoral one. Even you can talk during the procedure.

Helicobacter pylori antibody test alone is not covered by health insurance of minister of health and labor in Japan.  It should come with diagnosis of gastritis by gastroduodenal fiberscope. Then it can be covered by health insurance. Call us “03-6453-9307”. Pylori antibody and pepsinogen blood test costs 4,000 Yen.


C: Health check by Minato City 

Health check up and Cancer screening by Minato-ku(City) would start on July  2019.


D: Vaccines

 German measles antibody test and its vaccine are supported by Minato-ku if you are resident of Minato-ku, Tokyo. But you would be partly supported financially by Minato-ku if it is conditional. Call us 03-6453-9307.


Chicken pox vaccine is always available for everyone who exposed to lived chicken pox enviroment. Those who exposed it needed to have that vaccine within 72 hours. Call us 03-6453-9307.


Thank you so much