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Medical Director

Yukihiro Sato M.D.

取締役 / Medical Director

Shiba Gastroenterology Clinic

About our Director

Japanese clinical anal disease certified physician Japan Surgical Society certified registered physician Japan Medical Association certified industrial physician Pylori ( Helicobacter pylori ) infectious disease certified physician . Intractable disease designated physician USMLE ( United States Medical License Examination: American Doctor License).

Fukushima Prefecture Inawashiro Kindergarten - Painting Ichinoseki City Iwate Prefecture Usui Elementary School - Baseball Club Ichinoseki City Iwate Prefecture Kawasaki Junior High School - Gymnastics Department Manager, Library Committee, Sports Committee Base Director Sendai City Tohoku GakuinEreugaoka High School - Volleyball Club, Cultural Festival Theater

Education/Main work experience CV of Yukihiro Sato MD

Main academic societies

  • As of December 12, 2019 Japanese Society of Coloproctology (Proctology)
  • Japan Helicobacter Society
  • Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society
  • Japan Surgical Society

Other jobs

Shinmei Nursery School, Minato-ku Nursery Commission, Minato-ku Medical Association, Disaster Prevention Disaster Relief Team Member

Inside the hospital

Facilities and Medical Equipments

Digital Anoscope

I don't see many in the department of proctology in Japan, but I'm a dentist and I wonder what happens to my teeth when I receive treatment. There were times when I was worried, but I was satisfied when I saw my tooth decay on the TV screen and received an explanation!

Also, the treatment process was easy to understand and I was relieved.

The Digital Anoscope gives you more information rather than just listening to your Doctor Visual information and progression of your condition help you see how it is. Then you may feel more comfortable when you have our medical service.

Gastroduodenal Fiberscope/Colon Fiberscope( State-of- the-art equipment beyond the clinic)

5.4 mm diameter transnasal endoscope for conversation during examination : GIF-XP 290N, OLYMPUS 2012 . Colonoscope: CF-HQ 290 I, OLYMPUS 2012 , Carbon dioxide gas is used, and even if you put gas in your abdomen, there is little pain. Both have advanced and clear images and diagnostic capabilities. We have also performed polypectomy since 2015 .   In 2018 , if necessary, I will introduce Dr.Kadokawa, a specialist at the National Cancer Center , who has a capsule endoscopy facility on the day I took a laxative .

We use the latest advanced technology of Gastroduodenal Fiberscope and Colon Fiberscope by Olympus 2012. Those are as good as those in General hospital or maybe better than those. With transnasalfiber scope-just 5.4 mm diameter, you can even talk when you have it in your throat. We use carbon dioxide instead of room air through colon fiberscope, and so you may not feel much air in your intestine after the colon fiberscope study. We have started endoscopic surgery like polypectomy. We would refer you to cancel type endoscope facility: National cancer center hospital at same day when you take already laxative as necessary.

X ray Room

Minato Ward lung cancer screening, intestinal obstruction, presence or absence of bone fracture, preoperative surgery for lumbar anesthesia, etc.

X ray examination help you a lot for lung cancer screening, and see if you have intestinal obstruction, or bone fracture.

Ultrasound Examination

Examination of the internal organs of the abdomen such as the liver, gallbladder, pancreas and kidneys can be performed without exposure. It is also useful for diagnosing anal fistulas and perianal abscesses.

Ultrasound examination help you a lot if you have anything wrong in liver, gall bladder, kidneys, pancrease, and so on. We also use it for detail anal examination like anal fistula or peri proctologic abscess.

Recovery Room

This room is used as a preparatory procedure for endoscopy and a recovery room after surgery. There is a seat for the accompanying person.

This is the recovery room used for resting before Endoscope and Surgery, even after that. Coffee is also available ( cannot be given depending on the inspection contents ) Coffee usually gets ready! Ask anyone here if you are allowed.

Endoscopic Cleaning

As part of our clinic's countermeasures against infectious diseases, we are using an endoscope washing machine that uses a special electrolytic acid water.

OMED ( WED: World Endoscopy Oraganization , endoscope Committee world) According to the guidelines, electrolytic acid water is worth the high level of disinfectant, also to kill quickly many microorganisms, the it is safe to the human body and the environment Is also one of the features.

Our endoscopic cleaning solution; We have the special device for endoscopic cleaning by EAW: Electrolyzed Acid Water. According to OMED(WED: World Endoscopy Oraganization) Electrolyzed Acid Water has rapid and pronounced bactericidal action. It is considered safe for patients, staff, and the environment.

Social Welfare Activity

  • Shiva district cleaning : has continued for several years, 2017 district to year life safety and environmental beautification activities Promotion Council has been commended by the president.
  • Donate to Ashinaga Scholarship Society
  • Donate to Japan Physically Handicapped Children's Association
  • Donation to Ashinaga Organization
  • Donation to Japanese Limb Disability Association