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東京都港区芝4-11-5 KTビル3階
4-11-5 Shiba KT bldg 3F, Minato-ku, Tokyo



[交通機関 : Transportation]
都営三田線「三田駅」A-9 出口より 徒歩約3分
都営浅草線「三田駅」A-6 出口より 徒歩約4-5分
3 to 5 minutes by foot from Mita ST. of Mita Line
6 minutes by foot from Tamachi ST. of JR Yamanote Line

Out of National Health Insurance
Consultation The First ¥5000~¥18000
Helicobacter pylori consultation ¥5000
Documentation Certificate ¥3300
Certificate for Insurance claim ¥4400
Refferal Letter ¥5000
Goods Guaze and tapes etc. ¥400~¥1500
Digital Images Data ¥1500
Cosmetic anal suregery ¥25000~
Vitamine B1 IV ¥10000
Health Check Up Helicobacter pylori Test ¥4000
Employ physical check up ¥13800
Gatroduodenal scope with sedation ¥25000~
Colonoscope with sedation endoscopic surgery not included ¥75000~
Anal surgery Hemorroids ¥350000~
Anal fistula ¥400000~
With Japanese National Insurace
Anal Medicine Anal examination ¥1700~
Emergency Surgery of external hemorrhoids thrombosis ¥5600~
Emergency Periproctal abscess dranage ¥12000~
Surgery ALTA(Sclerotherapy by injection) ¥18000~
Hemorrhoids ¥22000~27000
Anal fistula ¥20000~28000
Anal fissures ¥20000~
Endoscpe Gastroduodenal fiberscope ¥5500~
Colonoscopy ¥6000~
Endoscopic surgery ¥17000
Pathological examination ¥3960〜11880
HPV Vaccines
City of Tokyo support girls' residence in Tokyo for certain age
Chicken pox: always ready ¥10000
Tetanus toxoid: always ready ¥4000