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都営三田線「三田駅」A-9 出口より 徒歩約3分
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3 to 5 minutes by foot from Mita ST. of Mita Line
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Medical care and medical records medical service

Proctology: Anal Medicine, Number of operations: Our surgical cases (scroll down until ↓)

Interview, consultation and, a description of the post-test, →it takes place in the examination room of the photo. The proctology room will be located next door ( ↓ photo, treatment room: Examination room

Posture should be oriented mainly to the left side, especially for women, so that only the affected area can be seen so that the buttocks are not exposed. Before you use the machine, gently palpate it to see how much pain and tension you have. You also have a rectal examination, and an important examination to see if there is a bleeding, tumor, or tumor in the rectum. The anoscope will be a cylindrical one with as little pain as possible at the first visit, and if appropriate, I may also explain it by looking at the anoscope image in real time.

We also treat anal fistulas, anal fissures, external hemorrhoids of the thrombus, and pruritus ani, but the diagnosis may be different from your own judgment, so an appropriate medical examination is necessary first. Depending on the case, it may be possible to make a diagnosis by looking at the progress, especially for anal fissures and hemorrhoids, it is important to perform examinations by changing the type of anoscope (considering pain etc.), and for examination of anal fistula, palpation is important. Although it will be a medical examination, ultrasound and MRI will be used as a supplement . Information such as fluid, bleeding, swelling, and pain is just as important.

In particular, the symptoms of hemorrhoid escape may not be recognized at the time of examination at the hospital, and symptoms may appear outside the hospital, such as at home, or only after delivery. In that case, only images taken by yourself, such as with a camera-equipped mobile phone, will serve as important information for medical examinations (actually, even if you do not give instructions from here, the patient will be able to do so and select treatment). (In some cases, it has a great influence).

Not limited to a hemorrhoid, If a problem appears important symptom, if it is possible to bring the information of the image, very co- borrows. ( PS: Some proctologists are starting to complain about this importance and are being enthusiastically taught in local newspapers: Dr. Masatoshi Sasaguchi, Seishinkai Yoshida Hospital)(It may not be as important as you might think. In most cases, it is possible to get a diagnosis with a single medical examination, and to talk about the medical condition (please see the image if you wish) and to be relieved from worry.

Warts and hemorrhoids treatment and surgery

Hemorrhoids radical surgery : ALTA ( dione )

In Japan, the treatment has started to be taken up in the media from around 2013 , but since 2005 , ALTA ( aluminum hydrate tannate )  : Zion®  is covered by insurance, and nearly 600,000 people have already received treatment. Also, data such as side effects are maintained and considered safe. Compared with the conventional ligation and resection, which is a surgical operation, it is less burdensome on the body and there is almost no pain or bleeding during defecation after surgery. You can also rest assured that there will be no sequelae due to scarring associated with the incision. No need for hospitalization, local anesthesia is possible (younger people recommend sacral epidural anesthesia in consideration of intraoperative tension), but you can return to work two days after surgery. The cost is 18,000 yen- 27,000 yen including the preoperative examination for health insurance .

Combined use of dione and ligation resection

Since dion is not generally indicated for the hemorrhoids on the outer side, conventional ligation and resection are used together, but there are many voices with strong postoperative pain. Therefore, we have succeeded in reducing the pain during defecation after surgery by performing a small incision on the external hemorrhoid to remove the hemorrhoid.

Ligative resection: LE

Although it is a standard surgical procedure in the world, it is characterized by its high curativeness, although the pain during defecation after surgery is not light and there is a considerable risk of bleeding. The average time to go to work is around 5-8 days. ¥ 23,000-¥ 27,000


Anal fistula operation at our hospital

Yamate medical center and other medical facilities are still the core of Japanese proctology, but we still have surgery for anal function. As far as possible, we are performing surgery that emphasizes functionality as well, and in 2019 , there were almost no recurrence cases that preserved the internal sphincter . In 2019 , the number of surgeries increased by 8% compared to the previous year, and since 2017 , approximately 50% of the major anal surgery cases at our hospital are anal fistulas. Generally, the rate of surgery for anal fistula is 10-20% of anal surgery. 20,000 - 27,000 yen

Anal fissure treatment

Anal fissure (hemorrhoids)

Some people may be surprised by bleeding or pain during defecation, but those who can come up with symptoms soon tend to have acute fissures, and the pain is relatively strong. , I think that there are many people who have a good course if they correct the constipation, which causes reassurance, and highly simulative meals, if they are corrected by guidance. 

However, it can be difficult to treat if you have an anal stenosis, if the ointment treatment does not work, or if you have had symptoms for several years but have been left as they are. In such cases, it is subject to surgery. Since surgery is caused by bowel habits such as constipation and diarrhea, recurrence may occur even after surgery, and the surgery may become complicated after a considerable stenosis has progressed, so early consultation and treatment are recommended. .. After the actual surgery, it is not possible to hide the appearance of having escaped from pain after returning to comfortable bowel movements for the first time in a while.

IT Anal medical examination

We will utilize the digital anoscope even during surgery, provide images if desired, and proceed with surgery after consent.

For example, depending on the medical condition, there are many cases in which the selection of the surgical procedure (eg, injection or excision) is provided at important points and the image information is provided at the important points, and after consultation, the decision is made.

Pruritus ani

At the same time as the medical examination, fungi and bacteria are inspected, and appropriate treatment such as ointment is selected in consideration of the patient's situation and the patient is followed up. During that time, changes in skin findings are important, so record an image and observe the changes. There are many unexplained causes , and it is not possible to get a clear solution with a single medical examination. Based on the above, we will proceed with medical treatment while talking to each other and proceed to the solution.


Consultation, inspection and eradication of Helicobacter pylori

A , B , C medical treatment pattern

A: There are many people who have the results of the company's medical examination. A common report is positive serum Helicobacter pylori antibody. Gastroduodenal fiber (gastrocamera: nasal in our hospital) if you bring it. This procedure is medical insurance. In general, if there is no gastric cancer or if gastritis is found, it will be indicated for eradication, and the necessity (if not eradicated: risk of gastric cancer, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer) will be explained. Then, prescribe it internally and treat the bacteria. After that, you must evaluate it by inspection, mainly because the sterilization success rate is about 80% and not 100 %.

B: If you have any symptoms, gastroduodenal fibers, and evidence of Helicobacter infection, then a Helicobacter test is required.

C: Only the tests such as urea breath test and Helicobacter pylili antibody (blood, urine) without gastroduodenal fiber are not covered by insurance and are free medical treatment. With our urine Helicobacter antibody, results will be obtained within 20 minutes. ¥8500

Helicobacter practice is a new field and treatment for chronic gastritis started in 2013 last year in Japan, first in the world. It may be difficult to understand the medical treatment contents and procedures, so we recommend that you visit a Helicobacter Infectious Diseases Certified Doctor.

※ 2014 years 11 May 1 than days, of our hospital director is ordered and Helicobacter infection certified physician. 2017 years 2 has been attending the training seminar of May Society. 

★ Number of endoscopic cases at this hospital :

Insertion method: Most of them are airless, shaft holding method. In observation, carbon dioxide was used.

Colonoscopy colonoscopy

2015 94 cases ( polyp resection 22 cases including )
2016 122 cases ( polyp resection 36 cases containing )
2017 165 cases ( polyp resection 47 cases containing )
2015 94 cases ( polyp resection 22 cases including )
2018 176 cases ( polyp resection 48 cases containing ) 7% UP
2019 171 cases ( polyp resection 68 cases containing )

Gastroduodenal endoscope gastroduodenal scope

2015 90 cases ( including foreign matter removal 2 cases )
2016 103 cases
2017 116 cases
2015 141 cases Including Minato Ward medical examination
2018 119 cases Including Minato Ward examination

A colonoscope has achieved almost no pain according to a questionnaire. Although carbon dioxide is used for air supply and observation is performed, when inserting, almost all cases are performed without air supply and the shaft holding method.

Questionnaire survey (123 cases of 8 months, 2018) . I don't mind- Slight pain : 80.5 %, Comfort : 19 %, Pain : 0.8 % , Very painful 0%.

In case of difficult insertion , we can introduce the National Cancer Center Central Hospital-Professor Kadokawa Endoscopy Center where capsule endoscopy is possible on the day when the laxative was taken.

IBD ( Inflamatory Bowel Disease: inflammatory bowel disease) Director : incurable diseases specified doctor

Ulcerative colitis : We are treating Ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD) . It is recommended that people who have one of the increasing diseases and do not need mild to moderate hospitalization under the guidance of a specialist should be treated at a clinic. Along with that, I have experience working at a large intestine anus hospital, but at this hospital, I still attend seminars and academic meetings frequently to obtain information. For example, we introduce new drugs such as Pentasa suppositories, Asacol, Rialda, etc. However, these are decided only after careful consultation in consideration of the social background of the patient (core hospital From experience that could not spend enough time for such a consultation).

Gastroduodenal Fiber: A transnasal endoscope with a fiber thickness of 5.4 mm that allows you to speak during the test. In most cases, sedation is used, but sedation is not recommended for people who have an interview or work schedule after that.

FD : Functional Dyspepsia ( functional dyspepsia )

If you have symptoms such as chronic gastric pain, stomach upset, etc., and the cause is abnormal gastroduodenal motor function, hypersensitivity to fat and gastric acid, and stress, inheritance, and gastrointestinal hormones. I think there are many. Prior to this treatment, it is premised that there are no gastric ulcers or gastric cancer with gastroduodenal fibers and no Helicobacter pylori infection. The treatment was approved in 2013 for acofide as an internal drug . Although it does not work in all cases, we are seeing many people in our hospital who have improved their quality of life.

Fecal occult blood test

Generally, it is performed as a colon cancer screening, but at our hospital, the result can be obtained within minutes after obtaining the sample.

* Rectal examination: A finger examination is the most important examination for rectal cancer.

Scrutiny of bloody stool: anoscope ⇒ rectoscope ⇒ sigmoid colon fiber, we will consult and proceed until the diagnosis is clear. A rectoscope and a sigmoid fiber are possible only with an enema as a pretreatment.

Immunization Vaccines

Various vaccinations are available at this hospital. Reservation is required for the measles-rubella mixed vaccine ( MR vaccine), so please contact us if you wish.

Rubella antibody test and chickenpox vaccination

There are free tickets depending on age, so please contact the public health center

Varicella vaccination: We always have it for emergencies such as chickenpox in a family ¥10,000

Associated Hospital: Medical Facilities we would refer to 

Saiseikai Central Hospital: SAISEIKAI CENTRAL HOSPITAL

1-4-17 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo

At a core general hospital with an active ER nearby, emergency procedures and tests, scrutiny of MRI, CT, etc.,

If it is necessary to refer to a specialist, we will promptly refer you and carry you to emergency.


The closest general hospital providing Trauma center and ER, and each specialty.

Tokyo Yamate Medical Center (formerly Social Insurance Central General Hospital): Tokyo Yamate Medical Center

3-22-1 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

It is a pioneering facility for anal examination in Japan, where the director attends conferences three times a year and exchanges information to help develop daily medical treatment.

We would like to introduce you to those with anal disorders that require


where anus surgery has been developing the most in Japan.

Teikyo University Hospital: Teikyo University Hospital

2-11-1 Kaga, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

It is one of the most active lifesaving centers in Tokyo, trained by the director, and the last resort to transport emergency patients.


University hospital providing one of the most active trauma centers and ER where our medical director, Dr Sato used to trained himself enthusiastically.

National Cancer Center Research Institute Endoscopy Center, Capsule Endoscopy, etc.

Makitasogobyoin, Ota Omorikita 1-34-6 TEL, 03-3762-4671.

Toho University Medical Center, Ota Omorinishi 6-11-1 TEL, 03-3762-4151

In addition to the above, the referral destination will be decided after consultation after considering the wishes of the patient.



I also saw a person who had been treated in another hospital and suffered from sleep problems after opening.For example, I had already seen a general hospital,If it is Saturday afternoon and the medical treatment at any of the facilities has been completed and you want to see a doctor specializing in anus, you will be consulted after hours. I will do the medical examination as much as possible.


AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is also installed

Surgery achievements Surgical Cases past 4 years

Content 2019 2018 2017 2016
Hemorrhoids 55 43 49 67 214
Anal fistulae 40 37 36 36 142
Anal fissures 12 5 4 12 33
Peri proctologic abscess,
external Haemorrhoids thrombosis
97 97 103 115 412
other surgeries 32 27 37 12 108
Endoscopic polypectomy 68 48 47 36 199
Colonoscopy 171 176 165 122 634
Gastroduodenal fibre 119 141 116 103 479
As of 2019/12

※The others: skin mass, Rubber band Ligation of haemorrhoids, and Condyloma acuminatum and so on.